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Just for kicks

Has anyone seen the documentary video of Just For Kicks? It is so cool and funny. This is a documentary about people who loves or let me say addicted to shoes, well, sneakers to be exact. I, an example, is a shoe-holic. But as I watch this video, I consider myself as a person who likes shoes only but not as a shoe-holic. In this video, you can rate yourself if you really are a shoe-holic and figure out if your still normal. Haha! Just kidding. You’ll see in this video upto what extent will these shoe addicts would do just to get a pair of sneakers.

This documentary was shot in New York, Paris, London, Portland and Los Angeles. This reveals stories on why, how, when did the addiction started. How music was involved in the popularity of sneakers. Facts on why sneakers are still in and have been around for about 30 years now. There are also commentaries, never seen before materials, and perspectives of people behind the success of this phenomenon.

I will be posting videos of this documentary any time soon… so people interested on watching this film, visit, comment, and let’s all be friends. Enjoy my site. You are all welcome!


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