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I was browsing through a friend’s site when I saw her article about baby names (not that I’m interested to have one at the moment haha), and one of the things that stood out of her post was how the Chinese (not all of them I suppose) selected baby names based on this philosophy they have, the I-Ching (something similar to numerology).

Is your name lucky? Check this link.

Your luck is based on the number of letters of your name.

  • The letter count of first name, middle name and last name must be lucky numbers.
  • The sum of (1) (2) (3) and (4) letter counts between names must be lucky numbers

So if you have 5 letters for your first name, check the table to see if it’s LUCKY or FAIR.

Let’s see if mine’s lucky:

is your name lucky

Tiana = 5 = LUCKY!

Tolentino = 9 = Doesn’t say… I guess undetermined?

(I’m not going to do step 2 because it has a lot of math haha)

The site says you can’t do anything about the last name since it’s already given, but parents can do something about the first name, and with just a few clicks, the site can give you a *magical combination* to help with selecting your baby’s name.


Does this mean my name ain’t lucky? Boo. I’m not much a believer of luck, since I’m all for the power of hard-work, but a bit of luck won’t hurt your life right?

Let’s see you try yours and let me know the results!


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