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Are you ready for Christmas?

Are all your gifts complete?

Is Nana, even on your list and Jack, your dog, in it?

Well if you haven’t bought any gifts for your love ones yet, here is a list of Personalized Gifts you might want to consider. The idea and greatness of personalized gift is to give a gift that definitely fits the character of the person you’re giving your gift to. I will also include guidelines on how to make this Personalized Gifts.

Here are the following Personalized Gifts perfect for Christmas or on any occasion:

1. Personalized Scented Candles – select the scent that you think your receiver (let’s call the person who’ll receive the gifts as receiver, ok?) loves the most and color, design, style that best suits their character.
Here are the guidelines for making scented candles:
• Prepare the items needed. Such as wax, wick, scent, color, thermometer, and kitchen skewers.
• When all items were set, cover your entire work place with newspaper, magazine or paper. This will lessen your work when it’s clean up time.
• Put the wax into the container then place it in a pan filled with water. Place the pan on the stove, medium heat only and gently boil. Boiling water so hard for it may splash into the wax.
• As the wax melts, that means it’s time to ready your mold. If the wax has completely melted, put a thermometer into the container. If it reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit, that means the wax is ready to pour.
• Add the desired color chip.
• Then add the chosen scent. Put only half a teaspoon.
• Stir it very well
• After stirring, your scented candle wax is now ready for molding.
• Slowly lift the container from the pan of water, and then dry the container.
• Pour the wax into the chosen shape molder to your desired height (either square, round, star, heart shaped. Which ever you choose. Tip: Choose the shape that you think best resembles or fit the character of your receiver). Put the wax back to the water to keep it hot until the candle is done as desired. Having the desired shape, scent and height.
• Lastly, insert the wick. Dip the wick into the liquid wax, then put it in the candle.

There you have it the first gift that you’ll be giving out with your personal touch.

Watch out for my other posts about Personalized Gifts. They are as follows: Personalized Shirts, Personalized Picture Frames, Christmas Cards and Letters, and Personalized Toys. These gifts are perfect for any occasion. Good luck and happy holidays.


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All About Nails

To a woman, it’s very important and appropriate to have healthy and clean nails. It’s as important as our hair. So in order to achieve this healthy and clean nails here are some tips on how to care for our nails and how to give ourself a manicure.

Important Notes About Nails

• If nails are weak, brittle, splitting like our hair, and are fragile, it mean that wdetergent.jpegater intake is insufficient and inadequate.
• The most common nail spoiler are harsh detergents and water. Detergents and water stresses nail fibers. Always put on rubber gloves whenever assigned to clean and wash the dishes or do the laundry.
• If nails are brittle, lessen or avoid using perfume lotions that contains alcohol. This will only worsen your nails.

Do It Yourself Manicure Tips:manicureset.jpeg

• First, wash your hands in soapy water.
• Leave your hands, especially your nails, dipped in the water for 3 minutes.
• After washing of hands, dry them up.
• Begin shaping your nails by using a double-sided emery board. Gently strokemanicure2.jpeg ends of your nails, only avoiding the corners for this can weaken your nails.
• Check if your nails are smooth. Run your nails on a pantyhose, if it snag on the pantyhose, then do the procedure again.
• Apply a softener to your cuticles.
• Before applying color or nail polish, clean your nails by using orange stick with cotton wrapped around it.
• When polishing or applying colored polish, only pick up a small amount of polimanicure.jpegsh on your brush and paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Stroke the sides of the nail, and that’s it. Let it dry for a bit, and then apply the second coat.
• If the polish is already dry, apply the top coat.

So now, you’re ready to have a beautiful and clean nails.

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