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How to Choose a Perfume

how to choose a perfumeJust like choosing your clothes, choosing a perfume can be daunting. You don’t know what to choose from the myriad of fragrances in the market (and it doesn’t help that celebrities are coming out with their own brand, although I really don’t buy anything endorsed by a sports celebrity – makes me thing it’s bottled sweat), what will last the whole day, and what won’t give you the hives.

How to choose a perfume in 4 easy steps:

Know what you want.

So many perfumes to choose from, so little time. If you can’t decide right then and there, opt to get the perfume blotters at the perfume counters(the little paper strips). Although it can’t give you the exact impression as perfume on your skin, it will give you an idea of how it smells. You can even put it in your bag and once opened, a sweet smelling bag greets you.

Get rid of other smells.

When you’re at the perfume counters, the perfume sales people usually serve coffee beans to clear your nostrils of the perfume smell. A normal human nose gets tired of “smelling”, after 4 perfumes, so it pays to clear your nose of any previous fragrance.

Allergy Test.

Many of us can be allergic to a certain ingredient in a perfume, so it’s better to spray some on your skin. Try the hidden areas too so in case of allergies, you can easily hide the evidence. Try your forearm or your wrist.

Spray and Run.

After spraying some perfume on your test spots, don’t fall for the sales person’s sweet talk (although he’s a hot piece of specimen, you must resist!), and take a walk. This will let you test how long the perfume will last on you, and if it will blend with your body chemistry.

If after the 4 steps, the perfume stays on you, or you like how it has blended with your body chemistry, and doesn’t give you allergies, then by all means, go back to the counter and buy a dozen.

chanel no 5 Remember Marilyn Monroe’s Chanel no 5? When asked what she wore in bed, she answered “Chanel No. 5” (or something to that effect). A woman can be recognized by her fragrance, much similar to how she is in terms of fashion. It reflects a woman’s personality, and adds to the allure and attraction that the boys find so irresistible! 🙂




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