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I can still remember when my friend, Jamie, brought a cd into our house and said “I have a movie that would make you cry”. Intrigued, I dragged her upstairs, went inside my room, opened my tv and player, played the cd and watched. Oh, and have a tissue ready beside me.

She knew me too well.

She knew that it would really make me tear up and inspire me. Well, to be honest, only a cold-hearted person and a person who has a heart made of stone will probably be the only one not affected by this movie. And the title of this great love story movie?the notebook the movie

The Notebook, based on a novel written by Nicholas Sparks.

I was deeply moved by how much a man could love a woman. How much sacrifice they are willing make just to prove how much they love each other.


The movie started with an old man sharing a story to an old woman, who suffers from Alzeimer’s disease, in a nursing home. He started narrating the love story of two young lovers, Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. Allie lives in the city and belongs to a wealthy family, while Noah is a mill worker who lives in the country. They met in a carnival, where Allie was on a double date with her friend. Mesmerized by her beauty, Noah asked for a date, and she agreed coz he was daring her. And so their love story began.



One Amazing Summer

On that glorious summer they shared the time of their lives. They were madly inlove with each other. Till one night where they almost shared the most romantic night together in an old house, Allie’s parents, who by the way, were against their relationship, caught them. As summer ended, so did their love affair.

the notebook


Allie left Seabrook and left her address with Noah’s friend. And so Noah wrote to her 365 letters, 1 letter for each day for a year. But since he didn’t receive any replies, he thought that she had forgotten about him and joined the army. After the war, with the money given to him by the government, Noah bought the old house, where him and Allie almost shared a romantic night, and built it exactly as what they have both planned, down to the last detail that Allie wanted.

After fixing up the house, he then realized living there by himself, was meaningless since he doesn’t have Allie with him. And so he announced and advertised to sell the house. Meanwhile, Allie met a soldier who also belongs to a wealthy family, and later on got engaged. While Allie was fitting her wedding gown, she saw a picture of the house Noah made. Allie wanted to make sure if Noah’s okay and so she went back to Seabrook. Face to face, as much as how hard they tried to hide their feelings, love still prevailed. And so Allie chose Noah over her fiancé. As the old man finishes his story, the old woman suddenly came to her senses and remembered everything about her and her past, and recognizes the old man was Noah and remembering herself, her life, her past and the love her and Noah shared together. Finally, remembering everything they shared the night together, sleeping and not letting go of each other. They never woke up again and spent eternity loving each other.


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