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How I Celebrated My 18th Birthday

Eight days ago I celebrated my 18th birthday, and so far, it was the best day of my entire life.

I started my day earlier than the usual. On regular days, I wake up ten in the morning but maybe, since I know that this is my special day, I subconsciously woke up early. I was so excited I barely got some sleep. Anyway, I woke up 5:30 in the morning, took a shower and went down to have some breakfast. Everybody greeted me, and everybody was up.

After four hours of conversing with my mom, we headed to our favorite parlor and had our hair done, our nails cleaned, had a massage and asked Karen, the make-up artist to pay a visit later that afternoon, in preparation to my debut party.

As we arrived home, I went to my room to get my blueberry. But I was shocked to see an apple mac book pro in a ribbon on my desk. I was so happy I screamed. My dashed inside my room and saw me tearing up. Upon seeing her, I hugged and kissed her to show my appreciation and love. After that I started reading the manual and browsing, I didn’t even notice that it was almost 5 in the afternoon. And so I turned my ne computer off and took a long bath.

Karen arrived at 5:30, I was already late for my appointment with her. Since everything was already ready since the other day, preparing for my main event wasn’t so time consuming. After preparing, we headed to the hotel and had the best day and best celebration of my life. What made so special is that everybody was there to celebrate it with me. And that’s all that really mattered to me. Thank you everybody!


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All About Nails

To a woman, it’s very important and appropriate to have healthy and clean nails. It’s as important as our hair. So in order to achieve this healthy and clean nails here are some tips on how to care for our nails and how to give ourself a manicure.

Important Notes About Nails

• If nails are weak, brittle, splitting like our hair, and are fragile, it mean that wdetergent.jpegater intake is insufficient and inadequate.
• The most common nail spoiler are harsh detergents and water. Detergents and water stresses nail fibers. Always put on rubber gloves whenever assigned to clean and wash the dishes or do the laundry.
• If nails are brittle, lessen or avoid using perfume lotions that contains alcohol. This will only worsen your nails.

Do It Yourself Manicure Tips:manicureset.jpeg

• First, wash your hands in soapy water.
• Leave your hands, especially your nails, dipped in the water for 3 minutes.
• After washing of hands, dry them up.
• Begin shaping your nails by using a double-sided emery board. Gently strokemanicure2.jpeg ends of your nails, only avoiding the corners for this can weaken your nails.
• Check if your nails are smooth. Run your nails on a pantyhose, if it snag on the pantyhose, then do the procedure again.
• Apply a softener to your cuticles.
• Before applying color or nail polish, clean your nails by using orange stick with cotton wrapped around it.
• When polishing or applying colored polish, only pick up a small amount of polimanicure.jpegsh on your brush and paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Stroke the sides of the nail, and that’s it. Let it dry for a bit, and then apply the second coat.
• If the polish is already dry, apply the top coat.

So now, you’re ready to have a beautiful and clean nails.

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