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I’m a people person, and I love it when I’m hanging out with the people I trust and admire, but it’s always been my policy, that for one day in my busy social life, to just freeze up, go anti-social – short of saying, “leave me alone”.

Don’t get me wrong though – hanging out with other people is great, but there are also some added benefits to socializing with yourself.

You get to recharge. With a bustling social calendar you have or your work/study life getting too much to handle, you have to regain that energy you’ve exerted towards those activities right? This “alone” time you have is the perfect opportunity to invigorate yourself. Your dvd of Heroes – Season 1 remains unplayed? Perfect! You’ve got all day to watch several people save the cheerleader, and you in turn, are saving yourself from burn out.

Get Creative. Admit it – your friends can get a little bit toxic these days with all the rants you’ve been hearing from them, or your brain is mostly pre-occupied with the exams you’ll be taking to get into college. Get some alone time so you can clear your head of bothersome thoughts, and start getting those “crazy” ideas out of your head.

It’s YOUR time. Your alone time, is YOURS alone. You can do whatever it is you want – whether it’s spending a day at the spa, or trying out that new game at the arcade withOUT your partner. Play that Barry Manilow song you dare not tell anyone you love – you won’t hear any teasing or booing from anyone.

I also need time for myselfMy boyfriend completely understands my need for alone time, and I believe this is essential for relationships as well (remember that song which starts with, “everybody needs a little time away” haha corny I know, but I looove that song).

Giving yourself time to breathe, prioritize and get fresh ideas out of your head can do you, and the people around you, a whole lot of good.

How do you spend your “alone” time?

*this post was inspired by a rather relaxing time I had with myself during the start of the year(while listening to sappy old songs I really love). Try it yourself!


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