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There are a lot of ways how to beautify and how to take care of our skin, but the question is, are we aware of what we must do and how to have a healthy and radiant skin.

Here are some tips on having a healthy and radiant skin:

  • No Smoking – always remember that smoking is not good for our skin, as it is bad for our health. Smoking causes wrinkles and pimples as it dehydrates our skin and make it dull, thus, we start aging prematurely.
  • Eat Healthy Food – whatever you put in your body reflects on your skin. For example, if you eat greasy food, you’ll feel and notice that, that grease you ate can be seen on your face, hair and can be smelled when perspiring. Food rich in antioxidants are good for your skin, this also reduce skin aging and makes your skin radiantly glow.
  • drink lots of water

Water Is Good – water will always be good for us, inside and outside. People perspire a lot, active or not. So in order for us to make up with all the lost fluid in our body, drinking plenty of water is necessary and good.

  • Use Soap – for people who have oily skin, mostly teenagers and people who work with oils or gases, washing your skin with water alone isn’t enough. But be aware that excessive soap washing can dry your skin, so always put on lotion after washing.
  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate – exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and cleans pores, thus revealing younger looking skin.
  • Home Body Exfoliation – in order for you to save money on exfoliating, just mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar. Apply circular motion all over the body, but avoid the breast area, rinse off in the shower, then apply a moisturizer after bathing.
  • Use Sunscreen – using sunscreen everyday don’t just protect your skin from the sun, it also helps you prevent wrinkles. Sunscreen products can help hydrate and protect areas of our body exposed in the sun. Use lotion or any product that has SPF to protect you from harmful UV rays.

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