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A lot of our parents have been wondering what really happens to their precious children when they are on their Spring Breaks. Especially, when a lot of news, issues, and situations have been exposed about girls going wild on their spring breaks. So how is this vacation spent this time of the year?

Here is a brief history of Spring Break taken from springbreak.com

Spring Break all started as a cultural tradition among college students, it has been an annual event to them, setting rituals. It said that it is a celebration of young people welcoming the return of spring. According to some reports, modern-day Spring Break was traced back to the ancient rituals of the Greeks and Romans leading the birth of Christ. Back then, men and women, who were wishes to have children, welcomes the season of fertility, happens on the return of spring. They celebrate rituals on the names of Gods Dionysus (Greek) or Bacchus (Roman), the god of wine. These rituals include drinking and dancing, until they all given into the call of earthly pleasures. Many believe that the essence of Dionysus or Bacchus lives on, and that Spring Break is one of the current incarnations of that drive in human beings.

As I have mentioned earlier, college students celebrates and welcomes the return of spring like the Greeks and Romans has, only more liberated and wild. Also, the movie “Where The Boys are”, have somewhat, great influence to what or how spring break was all about. It was to find fun, sun, and true love. Now, students seek places to escape challenges of their studies, usually beaches, to find romance, have a good time, and de-stress themselves.

As the years passed, how Spring Break was spent had gotten more liberated, wild and controversial. In 1970, there were reports saying that alcohol and other intoxicants were used and so the result of these was wild and rough partying and celebrating, leading to wreckage of some establishments. In 1980, this generation began adding sophistication with the way Spring Break was celebrated. Though getting drunk still takes a big part in the Spring Break Ritual, there are some planned activities added, including more sports, theme parks and other tourist spots trips, snorkeling and scuba diving, and even a job fair. The marketing thrust also switched, moving from primarily pushing beer and cigarettes to advertising computer-related items, video games, cars, movies and television shows, and other youth-oriented consumer products.

But nowadays, we are all aware of what’s happening during Spring Breaks. If I am not

mistaken, “Girls Gone Wild” started there. There are videos seen everywhere with girls shaking booties, girls flashing their boobies, contests for girls who exudes sex,

Flash usage of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, ecstacy, and of a lot of other addictive and sexual substance are also present in this celebration, teens having sex. Yes, you’ve read it right, not just college students do these Spring Break rituals, even high school students.

So if you want to take a break, Spring Break that is, be sure that you go with the right set of friends, don’t be influenced or don’t act on dares that would make you less of a person, mostly, us girls. Be wise and please, notify your parents, so they won’t be shocked when you were seen in a video aired on tv and net.

I have included a video and a photo here to show how Spring Break is usually spent every year. This video might have contents not suitable for youngsters, so please be advised and have an adult’s permission.


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