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I used to like Britney Spears for being herself all the time, (I know, I am embarrassed now just thinking I liked her back then) but now, she’s overly exaggerating everything and she’s even dragging her family, most specially, her kids into catastrophe. I was shocked to read this news. I know that she’s wild but I didn’t think that a mother could do this. Anyone could be wild but make sure that nobody else will be victimized by your actions. But in this case, Spears’ children, Sean Preston, 2 years old, and Jayden James, 1 year old, are the ones who suffer. Before I used to think that Federline is just using Britney and her money, but now, with evidences showing Britney’s incapability and irresponsibility, I now understand why Federline needs to take their children away from Britney’s hands and custody.

Here is an article about Britney Spears’ incapability and irresponsibility:Driving With Baby In Front???WTF???

Child welfare investigators are looking into “multiple child abuse and neglect” allegations in the custody battle between Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline, according to court documents released Tuesday.

In a request to unseal parts of the case file, an attorney for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services wrote that there are concerns about the safety and welfare of the two toddlers, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, if they are left in their mother’s care.

Though the agency mentioned investigating referrals relating to Federline, the documents don’t provide details.

After-hour calls to attorneys representing Spears and Federline were not immediately returned.

The agency requested the court not alter the current custody and visitation arrangements until their investigation is completed. Federline has temporary custody of the boys after Spears defied court orders about regular drug testing.

The latest tidbits on the custody battle are in 300 pages of documents released by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon.

The document dump included previous court rulings, expense reports and income statements for both parents, the names of the custody evaluators selected by Spears’ and Federline’s attorneys and their detailed resumes.

Spears had asked the court to seal the custody and visitation schedules in a declaration filed in October, arguing that “such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the children by, for example, causing a traffic accident.”

Spears, whose every errand is trailed by a mob of celebrity photographers, is notorious for distracted driving. She is under investigation for injuring a sheriff’s deputy while exiting the downtown courthouse in her white Mercedes.

In 2006, she was photographed driving with her son on her lap.

In October, she pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver’s license and later obtained a temporary California license.

A misdemeanor hit-and-run charge from an August parking lot crash was dismissed after she paid an undisclosed amount to the car’s owner.

Spears pays Federline $15,000 per month in child support, and previous court rulings have said that he currently has no income. (Los Angeles Times)


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Here is a song from the movie 50 First Dates, Forgetful Lucy. Enjoy it while reading this post. Be mesmerized, feel the love and fall inlove.

Who would’ve forgotten the film 50 First Dates, starred by Drew Barrymoore and Adam Sandler? Both their movies have hit the box office and have touched people’s lives and were loved by many. And upto now, I bet that when it’s showing on your regular movie channels, that you still enjoy watching it, right? Well, who hasn’t?

What did I love most about 50 First Dates? Hmmm? Well, first, Drew (Lucy Whitmore) and Adam’s (Henry Roth) tandem had been proven had a great chemistry. We can see that they complement each other on and off cam, and its probably one of the reason why their movies had always been a big hit in and around the country. Second, the script and story itself, speaks for themselves. The story is very deep, all the values, love, and care of a daughter, father, brother, friend and lover was deeply showed in this movie. You would even think and sometimes envy why your family isn’t that perfect, loving and showy. I certainly love the way Lucy’s father (Marlin Whitmore played by Blake Clark) cared and protected her, even to his brother Doug (Sean Austin). Though if you’ll look deep into the story of the movie, it’s really very tragic yet realistic. This instances could really happen to anyone, and it’s upto them how well would they handle it, if it’s a burden or just a challenge. The writer had a great talent for turning a tragic story into an enjoyable and entertaining one. This could change people’s way of dealing with problems and situations like this. That it is not yet the end of the world. I also enjoyed the participation of Rob Schneider’s role here as Ula. His character lightened up some heavy scenes in the movie. But the main reason why people loved this movie was the way Henry Roth unselfishly loved Lucy. How he changed himself, his lifestyle, and even his future for her. It gives hope to all the viewers that there is still someone out there who’s willing to love someone despite tragedies, problems, sufferings and misfortunes. It made me realize that there really is someone who is rightfully meant only for you.

So, everyone, don’t stop dreaming and hoping for your prince charming to come. We’ll be meeting them, maybe not now, but someday, when we least expect it. Let’s just wait for them and let them and the moment sweep us off our feet.

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Just for kicks

Has anyone seen the documentary video of Just For Kicks? It is so cool and funny. This is a documentary about people who loves or let me say addicted to shoes, well, sneakers to be exact. I, an example, is a shoe-holic. But as I watch this video, I consider myself as a person who likes shoes only but not as a shoe-holic. In this video, you can rate yourself if you really are a shoe-holic and figure out if your still normal. Haha! Just kidding. You’ll see in this video upto what extent will these shoe addicts would do just to get a pair of sneakers.

This documentary was shot in New York, Paris, London, Portland and Los Angeles. This reveals stories on why, how, when did the addiction started. How music was involved in the popularity of sneakers. Facts on why sneakers are still in and have been around for about 30 years now. There are also commentaries, never seen before materials, and perspectives of people behind the success of this phenomenon.

I will be posting videos of this documentary any time soon… so people interested on watching this film, visit, comment, and let’s all be friends. Enjoy my site. You are all welcome!

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