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Start fresh.

Breathe new life into a boring existence.

January is the perfect time for everyone to clean up their act. It can be trying to quit smoking – which is really difficult – getting your fat donque on the treadmill and start shedding the calories you piled during the holidays, or traveling to countries not regularly featured on the travel and living show. Everyone has a habit or two they can lose, or a new habit they can start practicing – to which everyone can relate to, no matter your age, or gender.

It’s been a habit of mine to start the year with resolutions. Last year, I wasn’t very successful so I’m very determined this year to, more or less, keep my resolutions not only last till January, but until the end of 2008.

  • Drink Enough Vitaminsfruits and vitamins for a better you

I don’t eat that much fruit or vegetables, and although I think I’m healthy – no diseases or sickness last 2007 – I still think I need to get enough vitamins. At my age, if I don’t want to go under the knife when I turn 25, I need vitamins to strengthen my cells – that in turn will show through my skin. On my list of vitamins to take are Vitamin C – for collagen production, and Vitamin E – for quicker healing of the skin and better hydration. GNC has Vitamin C with time release to pace the amount of Vitamin C released in your body, and a complete multivitamin with both Vitamin C and Vitamin E and other important vitamins.

schedule your annual check up

  • Annual check up.

For the women: when you start getting sexually active or you reach the age of 18, it’s a MUST to have a pap smear test. This helps detect the first signs of cervical cancer.

For men: prostate cancer exam, and std/hiv testing (if you have an active sex life).

For men and women: At home, you can do the stress test, the mouth test, a genital test, and a foot test(to check for athlete’s foot). Schedule an Annual Physical Fitness Test while you’re at it. Remember: your health is your responsibility.


  • Clean up closets

I have clothes that will never ever fit me again. I can be a bit sentimental, but my sentimentality has got to fit just 1 medium sized box, and not my whole closet. Get rid of old clothes (give them to charity if they’re still wearable), or make them into rugs you can use to wipe the stain off your kitchen counter. Jeans that are too tight can’t be salvaged so give them up as well. Can’t part with your old jeans? Keep them in your home gym or at the back of your door to remind you how thin you were back then and motivate you to lose the unnecessary pounds. Rule for throwing out/giving away clothes: if you can’t imagine wearing a piece of clothing this year or you didn’t wear it last year, then you won’t be wearing it in the next few years – put it in the bag.

If it’s not clothes keeping your closets full, and it’s all papers and bills, throw out unnecessary bills, and bills that you won’t be needing for any auditing purposes, etc. This year, go green and try to lessen paper print outs and keep most of your bills online.get more sleep

  • Sleep more

My eyebags are the size of Mexico, and as dark as coal – I’ve been successfully hiding them with concealer which takes up a lot of time so I resolve to lessen the nights I’m out, and try to crash my bed earlier. A good 8 hours of sleep does wonders for the mind and body – faster cell regeneration, and a more alert, creative mind (this doesn’t work for all – some tend to be more creative when living off 4 hours of sleep)

  • Start a conversation

Not all people are endowed with the charm to talk to anyone they meet, me included. I admit there’d been times in my social life I was a wallflower. My excuse: I’m tired, I’m shy etc. Being sociable can be developed – with practice you can get better and better. Start a conversation – a nod, a smile, a small hello – the person beside you might just be as shy as you and is only waiting for you to make the first move. What have you got to lose? It sounds scary but if you start a conversation with a stranger every time you’re out, you’d have added more confidence within yourself and a worthy network of friends.

  • Help Others

An act where both parties benefit – you and the one you’ve helped. You can volunteer at a nearby adoption center and teach once a month, or save enough money to contribute at the end of the year. Donate clothes or furniture that you have no need for. A little act of kindness goes a long way.

  • Take the time to reflect

Everyone seems so busy. Everything seems so fast these days – fast food, tivo, broadband internet – sometimes it pays to slow down and smell the roses. In your busy day, devote 5 minutes to reflect. Reflect on where you are in your life, what you are doing in your life, and what you can do to keep improving. There’s always room for improvement and through these reflections, you can discover what works for you and what doesn’t. It also gives you time to breathe out all those negative emotions you’ve incurred during the day, and prioritize what’s important in your life.


It’s never too late to start fresh and make resolutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s January or the middle of September – what’s important is the effort you’ve put into writing down those resolutions. Writing them down is half the battle, and that half you’ve already won – the other half is sticking to those resolutions.


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How to Choose a Perfume

how to choose a perfumeJust like choosing your clothes, choosing a perfume can be daunting. You don’t know what to choose from the myriad of fragrances in the market (and it doesn’t help that celebrities are coming out with their own brand, although I really don’t buy anything endorsed by a sports celebrity – makes me thing it’s bottled sweat), what will last the whole day, and what won’t give you the hives.

How to choose a perfume in 4 easy steps:

Know what you want.

So many perfumes to choose from, so little time. If you can’t decide right then and there, opt to get the perfume blotters at the perfume counters(the little paper strips). Although it can’t give you the exact impression as perfume on your skin, it will give you an idea of how it smells. You can even put it in your bag and once opened, a sweet smelling bag greets you.

Get rid of other smells.

When you’re at the perfume counters, the perfume sales people usually serve coffee beans to clear your nostrils of the perfume smell. A normal human nose gets tired of “smelling”, after 4 perfumes, so it pays to clear your nose of any previous fragrance.

Allergy Test.

Many of us can be allergic to a certain ingredient in a perfume, so it’s better to spray some on your skin. Try the hidden areas too so in case of allergies, you can easily hide the evidence. Try your forearm or your wrist.

Spray and Run.

After spraying some perfume on your test spots, don’t fall for the sales person’s sweet talk (although he’s a hot piece of specimen, you must resist!), and take a walk. This will let you test how long the perfume will last on you, and if it will blend with your body chemistry.

If after the 4 steps, the perfume stays on you, or you like how it has blended with your body chemistry, and doesn’t give you allergies, then by all means, go back to the counter and buy a dozen.

chanel no 5 Remember Marilyn Monroe’s Chanel no 5? When asked what she wore in bed, she answered “Chanel No. 5” (or something to that effect). A woman can be recognized by her fragrance, much similar to how she is in terms of fashion. It reflects a woman’s personality, and adds to the allure and attraction that the boys find so irresistible! 🙂



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How I Celebrated My 18th Birthday

Eight days ago I celebrated my 18th birthday, and so far, it was the best day of my entire life.

I started my day earlier than the usual. On regular days, I wake up ten in the morning but maybe, since I know that this is my special day, I subconsciously woke up early. I was so excited I barely got some sleep. Anyway, I woke up 5:30 in the morning, took a shower and went down to have some breakfast. Everybody greeted me, and everybody was up.

After four hours of conversing with my mom, we headed to our favorite parlor and had our hair done, our nails cleaned, had a massage and asked Karen, the make-up artist to pay a visit later that afternoon, in preparation to my debut party.

As we arrived home, I went to my room to get my blueberry. But I was shocked to see an apple mac book pro in a ribbon on my desk. I was so happy I screamed. My dashed inside my room and saw me tearing up. Upon seeing her, I hugged and kissed her to show my appreciation and love. After that I started reading the manual and browsing, I didn’t even notice that it was almost 5 in the afternoon. And so I turned my ne computer off and took a long bath.

Karen arrived at 5:30, I was already late for my appointment with her. Since everything was already ready since the other day, preparing for my main event wasn’t so time consuming. After preparing, we headed to the hotel and had the best day and best celebration of my life. What made so special is that everybody was there to celebrate it with me. And that’s all that really mattered to me. Thank you everybody!

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All About Nails

To a woman, it’s very important and appropriate to have healthy and clean nails. It’s as important as our hair. So in order to achieve this healthy and clean nails here are some tips on how to care for our nails and how to give ourself a manicure.

Important Notes About Nails

• If nails are weak, brittle, splitting like our hair, and are fragile, it mean that wdetergent.jpegater intake is insufficient and inadequate.
• The most common nail spoiler are harsh detergents and water. Detergents and water stresses nail fibers. Always put on rubber gloves whenever assigned to clean and wash the dishes or do the laundry.
• If nails are brittle, lessen or avoid using perfume lotions that contains alcohol. This will only worsen your nails.

Do It Yourself Manicure Tips:manicureset.jpeg

• First, wash your hands in soapy water.
• Leave your hands, especially your nails, dipped in the water for 3 minutes.
• After washing of hands, dry them up.
• Begin shaping your nails by using a double-sided emery board. Gently strokemanicure2.jpeg ends of your nails, only avoiding the corners for this can weaken your nails.
• Check if your nails are smooth. Run your nails on a pantyhose, if it snag on the pantyhose, then do the procedure again.
• Apply a softener to your cuticles.
• Before applying color or nail polish, clean your nails by using orange stick with cotton wrapped around it.
• When polishing or applying colored polish, only pick up a small amount of polimanicure.jpegsh on your brush and paint one stroke down the center of your nail. Stroke the sides of the nail, and that’s it. Let it dry for a bit, and then apply the second coat.
• If the polish is already dry, apply the top coat.

So now, you’re ready to have a beautiful and clean nails.

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