Is luxury travel only wishful thinking?

Amansala's Bikini BootcampI asked because I got this link from a friend about the Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp. I did a bit of research and found out that Amansala is located in Tulum in Mexico. Talk about wishful thinking on my part. Not in a million years will I be able to visit that place (with an allowance like mine hehe)

So anyway, it’s nice to know how resorts are doing a lot of healthy activities for their clients these days, and since spring is coming (then summer…), I think everybody needs a bootcamp or two to trim those baggages from the past holiday events.

Just read the description to give you an idea:

 You might also join the resort’s acclaimed Bikini Boot Camp, where days start with a beach or jungle power walk followed by a combination of body sculpting, power ab sessions or pilates, and end with yoga and meditation…..Mayan clay treatments, lots of agua di limon and plenty of sunshine. Because you’re sure to work up an appetite, healthy low-fat cuisine includes luscious local flavors, such as mangoes and freshly caught grilled fish.

Sounds sweet! and super healthy too! I’m trying to motivate my boyfriend to work harder so he can treat me on valentines here (but says probably valentines for 2020 hahah), so I guess I’ll just have to keep on dreaming 🙂

Sucks bigtime that I haven’t updated my blog in a week now. It’s not that I’m lazy, but with the busy schedule I have (projects in school keep piling up.. boo), today would be the only time for me to really concentrate and write.

But I don’t have anything to write about. Uh-Oh.

I surfed the net for tips on writing- not merely writing – but getting yourself inspired to write. Honestly, aside from being busy to write, we all get into what is lovingly called the Writer’s Block. Let me share a few tips I’ve read recently that I feel is working for me.

I’m sure everybody can learn a thing or two about getting out of “the writer’s block”.writer’s block

Do something else. Instead of writing, get out of the house and take a walk. I think they call this incubation. When you need a solution for a problem (this being you don’t have anything to write!), it’s recommended to get out of your head for a while, and forget anything related to that problem. Usually, during the course of “doing something else”, the solution pops into your head, making you shout “Eureka!!!”.

Get a newspaper or a magazine and start reading. Get inspiration from reading other people’s point of view, and whether you agree with them or take a contrary stand, write about it. Read, read, read.

Force yourself to write. How? You can either follow Hemingway and sit down in front of your monitor for an hour a day at the same time, or you can cut of small pieces of paper, write a single word on it (name of a place, event, person, an adjective, an adverb just make sure it’s a word). Put it in a small box and every time you can’t think of anything to write, pick 1 piece of paper and that word you chose? Write about it. Let your imagination run wild.

Now if these tips don’t motivate you enough, paste a copy of your credit card statements or bills on the side of your monitor (assuming you’re writing for a living), and I’m sure you’ll agree that is ENOUGH motivation! 🙂

Do you have a LUCKY name?

I was browsing through a friend’s site when I saw her article about baby names (not that I’m interested to have one at the moment haha), and one of the things that stood out of her post was how the Chinese (not all of them I suppose) selected baby names based on this philosophy they have, the I-Ching (something similar to numerology).

Is your name lucky? Check this link.

Your luck is based on the number of letters of your name.

  • The letter count of first name, middle name and last name must be lucky numbers.
  • The sum of (1) (2) (3) and (4) letter counts between names must be lucky numbers

So if you have 5 letters for your first name, check the table to see if it’s LUCKY or FAIR.

Let’s see if mine’s lucky:

is your name lucky

Tiana = 5 = LUCKY!

Tolentino = 9 = Doesn’t say… I guess undetermined?

(I’m not going to do step 2 because it has a lot of math haha)

The site says you can’t do anything about the last name since it’s already given, but parents can do something about the first name, and with just a few clicks, the site can give you a *magical combination* to help with selecting your baby’s name.


Does this mean my name ain’t lucky? Boo. I’m not much a believer of luck, since I’m all for the power of hard-work, but a bit of luck won’t hurt your life right?

Let’s see you try yours and let me know the results!

Leave Me Alone – Just For One Day

I’m a people person, and I love it when I’m hanging out with the people I trust and admire, but it’s always been my policy, that for one day in my busy social life, to just freeze up, go anti-social – short of saying, “leave me alone”.

Don’t get me wrong though – hanging out with other people is great, but there are also some added benefits to socializing with yourself.

You get to recharge. With a bustling social calendar you have or your work/study life getting too much to handle, you have to regain that energy you’ve exerted towards those activities right? This “alone” time you have is the perfect opportunity to invigorate yourself. Your dvd of Heroes – Season 1 remains unplayed? Perfect! You’ve got all day to watch several people save the cheerleader, and you in turn, are saving yourself from burn out.

Get Creative. Admit it – your friends can get a little bit toxic these days with all the rants you’ve been hearing from them, or your brain is mostly pre-occupied with the exams you’ll be taking to get into college. Get some alone time so you can clear your head of bothersome thoughts, and start getting those “crazy” ideas out of your head.

It’s YOUR time. Your alone time, is YOURS alone. You can do whatever it is you want – whether it’s spending a day at the spa, or trying out that new game at the arcade withOUT your partner. Play that Barry Manilow song you dare not tell anyone you love – you won’t hear any teasing or booing from anyone.

I also need time for myselfMy boyfriend completely understands my need for alone time, and I believe this is essential for relationships as well (remember that song which starts with, “everybody needs a little time away” haha corny I know, but I looove that song).

Giving yourself time to breathe, prioritize and get fresh ideas out of your head can do you, and the people around you, a whole lot of good.

How do you spend your “alone” time?

*this post was inspired by a rather relaxing time I had with myself during the start of the year(while listening to sappy old songs I really love). Try it yourself!

Small Steps To Control Your Weight Now

My ass is the size of a meteor set to vanquish the solar system and my love handles are getting out of hand. I’m not obese nor am I overweight (according to my BMI, which you can compute here) but my fat is distributed unevenly making me look… uneven (especially in unforgiving dresses).

But I’m not going to obsess over my weight – if there’s one thing I learned last year, I have control of my life, and definitely I can choose to control my weight.

Now controlling your weight or losing weight shouldn’t be painful. Here are some small tips in your quest to trim off that excess baggage:cereal

Eat Breakfast
My mother, nagger extraordinaire, has always bugged us to eat breakfast – all together now – the most important meal of the day. Although I don’t live with her anymore, I can still hear her voice in my ear prodding me to eat breakfast. Starting your day with a full meal will make you eat less during the next few meals of the day – try a high-fiber cereal with low fat milk.

Bring out your old jeans…
The ones you used to strut your stuff. They can either motivate you to lose weight, or depress the hell out of you.

get into jeans that fit you…and get into jeans that fit you
Buy a new pair or start wearing one – it will serve as your barometer if you’re losing or gaining weight. I bought mine a couple of days ago because after the holidays, I can only successfully zip up 2 of my jeans – the rest will have to stay in my closet for the meantime.

8 hours of sleep
When you sleep less than your body’s requirement, your supply of leptin goes down. Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full. If it goes down, you’ll feel hungrier more often.

Drink a glass of water before every meal…
I’ve tried this and it works – I tend to eat less because I feel full.

….or you can have some soup
Try to have some soup(broth based) before the main course. No cream please!apples

Snack on fruits
Instead of munching on a donut, or drinking coffee during break, try to snack on a fruit – an apple perhaps. It’s sweet – which will satisfy your craving for sweets – and has less calories than a donut.

…and eat your vegetables
Whether it’s beans, carrot sticks, or broccoli, being naturally fibrous, will help in faster digestion, promoting weight loss.

Get Physical
Getting some good loving from your partner can burn as much 350 calories – almost equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes!

And most importantly: Try not to eat when you’re emotional

When I’m depressed, my boyfriend has to steer clear of the food section lest I stock up on snacks and ice cream. It’s even worse when I’m ranting – it’s either I’m on the phone eating a donut, or I’m having dinner with my friends. I’m the type they call an emotional eater (although I think we all are). When I’m overwhelmed with emotions, I respond by eating – and more often that not, I eat the highly-fattening type of food. This can be a nasty habit, and every time you’re feeling emotional, you’ll see yourself binging out.

**Nothing beats proper diet, and exercise to lose weight – but these small steps, consistently done can help you reach your goal of achieving a smaller waist, and a healthier, more fit lifestyle. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of all the delicious meals served by the world for you – give in a little every now and then – just remember not to eat more than your body can burn! 🙂

Start fresh.

Breathe new life into a boring existence.

January is the perfect time for everyone to clean up their act. It can be trying to quit smoking – which is really difficult – getting your fat donque on the treadmill and start shedding the calories you piled during the holidays, or traveling to countries not regularly featured on the travel and living show. Everyone has a habit or two they can lose, or a new habit they can start practicing – to which everyone can relate to, no matter your age, or gender.

It’s been a habit of mine to start the year with resolutions. Last year, I wasn’t very successful so I’m very determined this year to, more or less, keep my resolutions not only last till January, but until the end of 2008.

  • Drink Enough Vitaminsfruits and vitamins for a better you

I don’t eat that much fruit or vegetables, and although I think I’m healthy – no diseases or sickness last 2007 – I still think I need to get enough vitamins. At my age, if I don’t want to go under the knife when I turn 25, I need vitamins to strengthen my cells – that in turn will show through my skin. On my list of vitamins to take are Vitamin C – for collagen production, and Vitamin E – for quicker healing of the skin and better hydration. GNC has Vitamin C with time release to pace the amount of Vitamin C released in your body, and a complete multivitamin with both Vitamin C and Vitamin E and other important vitamins.

schedule your annual check up

  • Annual check up.

For the women: when you start getting sexually active or you reach the age of 18, it’s a MUST to have a pap smear test. This helps detect the first signs of cervical cancer.

For men: prostate cancer exam, and std/hiv testing (if you have an active sex life).

For men and women: At home, you can do the stress test, the mouth test, a genital test, and a foot test(to check for athlete’s foot). Schedule an Annual Physical Fitness Test while you’re at it. Remember: your health is your responsibility.


  • Clean up closets

I have clothes that will never ever fit me again. I can be a bit sentimental, but my sentimentality has got to fit just 1 medium sized box, and not my whole closet. Get rid of old clothes (give them to charity if they’re still wearable), or make them into rugs you can use to wipe the stain off your kitchen counter. Jeans that are too tight can’t be salvaged so give them up as well. Can’t part with your old jeans? Keep them in your home gym or at the back of your door to remind you how thin you were back then and motivate you to lose the unnecessary pounds. Rule for throwing out/giving away clothes: if you can’t imagine wearing a piece of clothing this year or you didn’t wear it last year, then you won’t be wearing it in the next few years – put it in the bag.

If it’s not clothes keeping your closets full, and it’s all papers and bills, throw out unnecessary bills, and bills that you won’t be needing for any auditing purposes, etc. This year, go green and try to lessen paper print outs and keep most of your bills online.get more sleep

  • Sleep more

My eyebags are the size of Mexico, and as dark as coal – I’ve been successfully hiding them with concealer which takes up a lot of time so I resolve to lessen the nights I’m out, and try to crash my bed earlier. A good 8 hours of sleep does wonders for the mind and body – faster cell regeneration, and a more alert, creative mind (this doesn’t work for all – some tend to be more creative when living off 4 hours of sleep)

  • Start a conversation

Not all people are endowed with the charm to talk to anyone they meet, me included. I admit there’d been times in my social life I was a wallflower. My excuse: I’m tired, I’m shy etc. Being sociable can be developed – with practice you can get better and better. Start a conversation – a nod, a smile, a small hello – the person beside you might just be as shy as you and is only waiting for you to make the first move. What have you got to lose? It sounds scary but if you start a conversation with a stranger every time you’re out, you’d have added more confidence within yourself and a worthy network of friends.

  • Help Others

An act where both parties benefit – you and the one you’ve helped. You can volunteer at a nearby adoption center and teach once a month, or save enough money to contribute at the end of the year. Donate clothes or furniture that you have no need for. A little act of kindness goes a long way.

  • Take the time to reflect

Everyone seems so busy. Everything seems so fast these days – fast food, tivo, broadband internet – sometimes it pays to slow down and smell the roses. In your busy day, devote 5 minutes to reflect. Reflect on where you are in your life, what you are doing in your life, and what you can do to keep improving. There’s always room for improvement and through these reflections, you can discover what works for you and what doesn’t. It also gives you time to breathe out all those negative emotions you’ve incurred during the day, and prioritize what’s important in your life.


It’s never too late to start fresh and make resolutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s January or the middle of September – what’s important is the effort you’ve put into writing down those resolutions. Writing them down is half the battle, and that half you’ve already won – the other half is sticking to those resolutions.

happy new year!

I’ve had an amazing 2007, and I wish nothing but the best 2008 for everyone. Happy new year!

New year’s resolution:

Shop Less!

(let’s see if I can keep that, hah!)

How to Choose a Perfume

how to choose a perfumeJust like choosing your clothes, choosing a perfume can be daunting. You don’t know what to choose from the myriad of fragrances in the market (and it doesn’t help that celebrities are coming out with their own brand, although I really don’t buy anything endorsed by a sports celebrity – makes me thing it’s bottled sweat), what will last the whole day, and what won’t give you the hives.

How to choose a perfume in 4 easy steps:

Know what you want.

So many perfumes to choose from, so little time. If you can’t decide right then and there, opt to get the perfume blotters at the perfume counters(the little paper strips). Although it can’t give you the exact impression as perfume on your skin, it will give you an idea of how it smells. You can even put it in your bag and once opened, a sweet smelling bag greets you.

Get rid of other smells.

When you’re at the perfume counters, the perfume sales people usually serve coffee beans to clear your nostrils of the perfume smell. A normal human nose gets tired of “smelling”, after 4 perfumes, so it pays to clear your nose of any previous fragrance.

Allergy Test.

Many of us can be allergic to a certain ingredient in a perfume, so it’s better to spray some on your skin. Try the hidden areas too so in case of allergies, you can easily hide the evidence. Try your forearm or your wrist.

Spray and Run.

After spraying some perfume on your test spots, don’t fall for the sales person’s sweet talk (although he’s a hot piece of specimen, you must resist!), and take a walk. This will let you test how long the perfume will last on you, and if it will blend with your body chemistry.

If after the 4 steps, the perfume stays on you, or you like how it has blended with your body chemistry, and doesn’t give you allergies, then by all means, go back to the counter and buy a dozen.

chanel no 5 Remember Marilyn Monroe’s Chanel no 5? When asked what she wore in bed, she answered “Chanel No. 5” (or something to that effect). A woman can be recognized by her fragrance, much similar to how she is in terms of fashion. It reflects a woman’s personality, and adds to the allure and attraction that the boys find so irresistible! 🙂



Most Wanted Gifts

Are you ready for Christmas?

Are all your gifts complete?

Is Nana, even on your list and Jack, your dog, in it?

Well if you haven’t bought any gifts for your love ones yet, here is a list of Personalized Gifts you might want to consider. The idea and greatness of personalized gift is to give a gift that definitely fits the character of the person you’re giving your gift to. I will also include guidelines on how to make this Personalized Gifts.

Here are the following Personalized Gifts perfect for Christmas or on any occasion:

1. Personalized Scented Candles – select the scent that you think your receiver (let’s call the person who’ll receive the gifts as receiver, ok?) loves the most and color, design, style that best suits their character.
Here are the guidelines for making scented candles:
• Prepare the items needed. Such as wax, wick, scent, color, thermometer, and kitchen skewers.
• When all items were set, cover your entire work place with newspaper, magazine or paper. This will lessen your work when it’s clean up time.
• Put the wax into the container then place it in a pan filled with water. Place the pan on the stove, medium heat only and gently boil. Boiling water so hard for it may splash into the wax.
• As the wax melts, that means it’s time to ready your mold. If the wax has completely melted, put a thermometer into the container. If it reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit, that means the wax is ready to pour.
• Add the desired color chip.
• Then add the chosen scent. Put only half a teaspoon.
• Stir it very well
• After stirring, your scented candle wax is now ready for molding.
• Slowly lift the container from the pan of water, and then dry the container.
• Pour the wax into the chosen shape molder to your desired height (either square, round, star, heart shaped. Which ever you choose. Tip: Choose the shape that you think best resembles or fit the character of your receiver). Put the wax back to the water to keep it hot until the candle is done as desired. Having the desired shape, scent and height.
• Lastly, insert the wick. Dip the wick into the liquid wax, then put it in the candle.

There you have it the first gift that you’ll be giving out with your personal touch.

Watch out for my other posts about Personalized Gifts. They are as follows: Personalized Shirts, Personalized Picture Frames, Christmas Cards and Letters, and Personalized Toys. These gifts are perfect for any occasion. Good luck and happy holidays.

I used to like Britney Spears for being herself all the time, (I know, I am embarrassed now just thinking I liked her back then) but now, she’s overly exaggerating everything and she’s even dragging her family, most specially, her kids into catastrophe. I was shocked to read this news. I know that she’s wild but I didn’t think that a mother could do this. Anyone could be wild but make sure that nobody else will be victimized by your actions. But in this case, Spears’ children, Sean Preston, 2 years old, and Jayden James, 1 year old, are the ones who suffer. Before I used to think that Federline is just using Britney and her money, but now, with evidences showing Britney’s incapability and irresponsibility, I now understand why Federline needs to take their children away from Britney’s hands and custody.

Here is an article about Britney Spears’ incapability and irresponsibility:Driving With Baby In Front???WTF???

Child welfare investigators are looking into “multiple child abuse and neglect” allegations in the custody battle between Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline, according to court documents released Tuesday.

In a request to unseal parts of the case file, an attorney for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services wrote that there are concerns about the safety and welfare of the two toddlers, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, if they are left in their mother’s care.

Though the agency mentioned investigating referrals relating to Federline, the documents don’t provide details.

After-hour calls to attorneys representing Spears and Federline were not immediately returned.

The agency requested the court not alter the current custody and visitation arrangements until their investigation is completed. Federline has temporary custody of the boys after Spears defied court orders about regular drug testing.

The latest tidbits on the custody battle are in 300 pages of documents released by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon.

The document dump included previous court rulings, expense reports and income statements for both parents, the names of the custody evaluators selected by Spears’ and Federline’s attorneys and their detailed resumes.

Spears had asked the court to seal the custody and visitation schedules in a declaration filed in October, arguing that “such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the children by, for example, causing a traffic accident.”

Spears, whose every errand is trailed by a mob of celebrity photographers, is notorious for distracted driving. She is under investigation for injuring a sheriff’s deputy while exiting the downtown courthouse in her white Mercedes.

In 2006, she was photographed driving with her son on her lap.

In October, she pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver’s license and later obtained a temporary California license.

A misdemeanor hit-and-run charge from an August parking lot crash was dismissed after she paid an undisclosed amount to the car’s owner.

Spears pays Federline $15,000 per month in child support, and previous court rulings have said that he currently has no income. (Los Angeles Times)